Guest Blogging Champion

This is what you usually hear ……

  • Start a new blog
  • Update it with quality content (no matter if anyone reads it or not)
  • Wait for Google to recognize and acknowledge your blog
  • Wait for Google to get you some decent page rank
  • Wait for people to recognize your name first
  • Wait for people to recognize your brand and business
  • THEN….. capture leads, and start making money.

You know how long it takes?

Here’s my take -

No matter how crowded the blogosphere is, you don’t have to wait for 6 months to 1 year (or more) to get noticed and to become an authority in your niche. You can get the position you deserve in your niche quite soon with one little cool secret…. Guest Blogging.

Who says it takes 6 months to 1 year to make your blog popular?

Don’t start a blog and wait for success to happen. Let blogging success await YOU at your doorstep!


 I’m not talking about it without walking through it myself. You can see a list of my guest posts here. Guest blogging has helped me achieve the status I’m at right now.

And guest blogging alone has helped me to get over with the drop in traffic and rankings when I moved my blog to a new domain. I was so worried that it would take at least 6 months or more to get back my rankings!

But to my surprise, I got my Alexa rank and Google Page Rank back in 2 months after I changed to my new domain!

So enough of me tooting my own horn, let’s see how you can make others toot your horn!



You can do wonders with Guest Blogging, seriously!

  • You need not wait months (if not years) to make your blog popular.
  • You can build backlinks that search engines love.
  • You can become an authority in your niche.
  • You can get more leads easily from the audience of other (popular) blogs.
  • You can skyrocket your list growth.
  • You can be EVERYWHERE!

Just $10!

What will you learn in this report?

I have taken utmost care to see that you don’t miss any aspect when it comes to guest blogging. See what you’ll learn from this report!

  • Module 1: Why should you guest post (not the usual stuff, there’s something important here)
  • Module 2: Getting over with the fear of guest blogging
  • Module 3: Choosing blogs to guest post
  • Module 4: Prepare for guest blogging
  • Module 5: What should you write about?
  • Module 6: How to write a guest post?
  • Module 7: How to pitch?
  • 2 Simple Mind Maps
  • A model spreadsheet to help you keep track of blogs to guest post

Just $10!

Don’t believe me?

Jane has perfected the craft of guest blogging…

“ Jane has perfected the craft of guest blogging and has it down to a science. When Jane submits a guest post to Basic Blog Tips I’m very confident that the post will be a hit. It’s really awesome that she has taken the time to write Guest Blogging Champion so that you can learn how to overcome your fears about guest blogging and get your posts accepted to the top blogs in your niche! If you haven’t started guest blogging by now or if your posts keep getting rejected by top bloggers, here’s your chance to learn how to get it right. ”

Ileane (


At this price, it’s a steal – grab it!

“ Whether you’re considering jumping into guest blogging or have been guest posting without great results, Jane Sheeba’s Guest Blogging Champion is a must have resource to add to your library. It’s as thorough an explanation of guest blogging as I’ve seen. Guest Blogging Champion is easy to read, well organized and the addition of Jane’s personal experiences and results truly adds to the value of the book. At this price, it’s a steal – grab it! ”

Dr. Bob Clarke (

I wish I had access to Guest Blogging Champion when I first started blogging!

“ I wish I had access to Guest Blogging Champion when I first started blogging! It is a comprehensive guide that really will take you step by step through the process of guest posting successfully! With this book you can skip all of the trial and error processes I went through. I’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of good experiences – I’ve had a few posts published on Problogger, but there were also some bad experiences! In frustration, I’ve submitted impatient emails like the blogger from Jane’s example of what “NOT to do” – yes, I did it, and I learned a hard lesson from it. Lucky for new bloggers this book is here to help them make the most of guest posting opportunities. ”

Kiesha (

My personal money back guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Circle Badge GreenGuest Blogging Champion comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this report, you can simply contact me and I will refund your money – no questions asked!

Disclaimer (not the fine print; you see, the font is bigger!)

This report explains strategies that worked for the author (me, Jane Sheeba). This doesn’t guarantee that they will work for you too, just because it worked for me. Please do not simply read this report without taking action. This report will not guarantee that you will make money or get rich quick. And, actual results could vary depending upon the depth of action taken by you and other factors.